Bran Commune

EuroPark Resort Fundata is located near Bran Castle, also called Count Dracula's Castle, and the Zanoaga ski slope from Bran commune located only 18km away.

As crowned by its title, the Bran commune is the pearl of the mountain corridor that bears its name, Rucar - Bran, the repository of thousands of years of civilization, history and tradition. Here is one of the most famous and traditional, tourist attractions of the country, Bran Castle - medieval fortress of Transylvania, where the popular legend of the Castle of Count Dracula, the former residence of Prince Vlad Tepes, started, old customs point and pass between Transylvania and Tara Romaneasca, important trading point, old and current, for the inhabitants, visitors and tourists of the area, by far the most visited tourist attraction of Romania.

Bran Brasov


In 1920, Bran Castle was donated by the authorities in Brasov to Queen Maria, as a sign of high appreciation for Her Majesty's immense contribution to the accomplishment of the Great Union of 1918. There is also the Bran National Museum , founded in 1957 and inside which was arranged a consistent exhibition of medieval art, culture and history, with a cultural heritage of immeasurable artistic, historical, documentary and ethnographic value, with the core of the collections represented by objects from the royal collections of Bran Castle (weapons, decorative art, plastic art, etc.).

Under the same administrative unit of Bran commune there is a pleiad of beautiful mountain villages that have a beauty and naturalness unique in the world. Among them we mention the village of Poarta - the heart of Bran commune - 21 km from EuroPark Resort, with the three ski slopes of Bran-Zanoaga , as they are known, located 4 km from the town center, in Valea Portii area (where in the past it was one of the gates of the Bran fortress). These slopes are equipped with mobile snow cannons and at their base there are centers where you can rent any equipment you need to practice the beautiful winter sport.

Also in this area is - Gura de Rai which takes you to Varful Omu (2505 m altitude) - Simon village - 20 km from EuroPark Resort, with its peaks, valleys and fairytale landscapes. In this locality there is one of the most spiritual Romanian places, the Bran Orthodox Monastery - 23 km from the EuroPark Resort, a watchtower that through the prayers of its inhabitants brings peace in all four lands. Founded in 2006 in the administrative form of a Hermitage, with time transformed into a Monastery, with a traditional architecture, covered with a sieve, built and whitewashed in an immaculate white, it harmonizes perfectly with its place and tranquility.

Like any area that respects its God-given gifts, Bran preserves its traditions, port, and cultural history in its beautiful village of Sohodol - 22 km from EuroPark Resort, on a pre-mountain peak, at an altitude of 1000 m where there is a well-known creative workshop in painting, sculpture, stitching and traditional embroidery.

Because all that is best is worth leaving at the end, we finally mention the village of Predelut - 19 km from the EuroPark Resort, which like the luxury residential areas of the world's great metropolises and the like Exclusive areas around the world, are developing with the naked eye, tripling its population in recent years. This aspect is due to its position, 2 km from Bran Castle, surrounded by tranquility and fairytale landscapes, full of fresh air, adorned by households arranged and cared for with passion, chic holiday homes and due to the feeling of tranquility it constantly transmits.

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Compared to Brasov, Bran commune is located 30 km on the road that connects Brasov with Campulung Muscel and Pitesti and is only 18 km from EuroPark Fundata Resort.