Zarnesti City

EuroPark Fundata Resort offers for viewing the city of Zarnesti located 29 km away, as well as the Zarnesti Gorges and “Libearty” Zarnesti Bear Reservation.

Zarnesti is a city located at an altitude of 722 m (city center) in Brasov County, documented from the year of 1373.

It is located in the Zarnesti - Baraolt depression compartment, at the foot of the Piatra Craiului mountains and is a good starting point for tourist and climbing routes in the massif.

Orasul Zarnesti


Located on a plain with a golf aspect, in the south-eastern part of the “Tara Barsei” depression, with an antiquity dating from the 12th - 14th centuries, the peak period of the Saxon colonization in the area, Zarnesti offers a fullness to the tourists. of activities and objectives that must be checked on the agenda of any tourist thirsty for knowledge and discovery.

Among them we will list some: Piatra Craiului National Park, Zarnesti Historic Center, Zarnesti Gorges, Cross on Piatra Craiului Mica Peak, Holes from Zaplaz, “Libearty” Bear Reservation, Wolf Park Adventure, Church "St. Nicolae ”Zarnesti,“ Nativea Maicii Domnului ”Church Zarnesti“ , Tohanul Nou District, Plaiul Foii Tourist Area, Curmatura Chalet, Poiana Marului Area - the place where tradition has been preserved for centuries, with holiness caroled by the Vatafilor Fog or where the “Sfantul Ioana Botezatorul” Church was built by Constantin Brancoveanu in 1707, the shelters specially arranged for the wild animals from the Piatra Craiului forests (deer, deer, wolves, bears, breeds, black goats, etc.) horseback riding and recreational horseback riding, 11 marked cycling routes, which cover the entire area of Piatra Craiului National Park, and many more.

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The city of Zarnesti is located in the southwestern part of the "Tara Barsei" depression. The city is 25 km from Brasov and 11 km from Rasnov. The area of influence of the city of Zarnesti overlaps almost entirely on the mountain relief.