Sinca Cave Monastery

Resort EuroPark Fundata offers for viewing the cave monastery of Sinca Veche located at 58 km, as well as the Grotto of Sinca Veche, the Wooden Church of Sinca Noua.

50 kilometers from Brasov is a monastery dug into the rock, hidden in the middle of the forest, whose age is estimated at thousands of years and where visitors have peace in a unique landscape, full of attractive local legends.

The cave monastery from Sinca Veche has become a tourist attraction in recent years, but also a place of pilgrimage and silence. Located on Plesu Hill, at the foot of the mountains in Tara Fagarasului, it is trodden annually by thousands of tourists fascinated by the legends, but also by the beauty of the place. Religious or not, people who come to Sinca Veche are amazed by the simplicity of the place and the fact that everything was done modestly, as the Bible says.

Schitul Sinca Noua

Church Sinca

Two lively settlements, which emanate a feeling of peace of mind and mind, with vast forests and a diverse flora. These places, with a special load, bring to the joy of tourists some unique objectives in the world. Among these we find: Rupestra Monastery from Sinca Veche (Temple from Sinca Veche or Temple of Wishes); Grotto of the Old Sinca; Baile Pergani - summer balneoclimateric resort with therapeutic mud; Lucky Mill from Ohaba - the oldest mill in the land of Tara Fagarasului, built in 1873; “Peace of the World” Monastery from Bucium; Strambei Valley and the Virgin Forest; The bear observatory on the Sambeta Valley; Sinca Noua Wooden Church; Cave Gang; Wheel in Flames; Railway bridges Via Ilii and Podul Negru.

Images & Videos of Sinca old and new Monastery


45 km away from Brasov City and 22 km from Fagaras City, only 3 km from the village of Sinca is the Sinca Monastery.