Moieciu Commune

EuroPark Fundata Resort offers for viewing Moieciu Commune located 16 km, as well as La Chisatoare Waterfall, Gradistei Gorges, Pestera and Magura village.

Moeciu de Sus became known from a tourist point of view mainly due to the fact that it is the locality with the best access to the Bucegi Plateau. But this natural paradise located on the outskirts of Barsa Country, in the shadow of Bucegi and Pietra Craiului, deserves much more attention from visitors, with a lot of wonderful landscapes and countless historical, cultural and leisure attractions nearby, which can be visited both in the hot season as well as in the cold season.

The commune was founded, in its current administrative component, in 1968 when the administrative reform was made in Romania. It consists of six villages, being common with most villages in the Bran area, as follows: Moieciu de Sus, Cheia, Moieciu de Jos, Drumul Carului, Pestera, Magura.

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One of the largest localities on the Rucar - Bran Corridor, the historical border between Tara Romaneasca and Ardeal, Moeciu commune honors its tourists with a wide diversity of tourist objectives and more. Cave Village - 22 km from EuroPark Resort, one of the villages of Moeciu commune, located at 1000 m altitude, besides the beautiful mountain landscapes, offers to its explorers and visitors Bat Cave where many species of bats can be admired, transforming this tourist objective into a unique one of the country.

Moeciu de Jos village - 16 km from EuroPark Resort - with the Orthodox Church dedicated to "Saint Nicholas", built in the second half of the 18th century.

Moieciu de Sus village - 24 km from EuroPark Resort, high altitude neighbor of Pestera village, pampers the visitor, besides the fresh air of the area, with bellows cheese and sheep pastrami, prepared one hundred percent natural , unique in the world in terms of freshness, taste, texture and consistency. After a meal with non-greasy dishes, the best thing that every tourist can do is a walk on Gradistei Gorges - 25 km from EuroPark Resort, located between Moieciu de Jos village and Moieciu de Sus village, towards the waterfall “La Chisatoare”, the waterfall that flows on a natural travertine wall.

Also, a walk in this area can take us to the Orthodox Church dedicated to the "Assumption" in Cheia Village - 18 km from the EuroPark Resort, built more than two centuries ago, in 1818. Also in the spirit mountain walks, we find the village of Drumul Carului - 10 km from EuroPark Resort, the smallest of the commune, located at 1150 m, which invites us to walk on its paths arranged for tourist purposes, by the area authorities, through the project "On the Coast".

Last but not least, on the contrary, according to the well-known television station, National Geographic, "the most beautiful place in Europe", the village of Magura - 37 km from the EuroPark Resort with its altitude of 1000 m, welcomes visitors with landscapes and fairytale areas such as Valea lui Cotea.

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Compared to Brasov, Moieciu commune is located 28 km on the road that connects Brasov with Campulung Muscel and Pitesti and is only 16 km from EuroPark Fundata Resort