Codlea City

EuroPark Fundata Resort offers for viewing the city tour of Codlea located 43 km away, as well as the Black Fortress of Codlea and the history Codlea Museum.

Codlea is the second locality in Tara Barsei as important, due both to the turbulent historical past and to the cultural and economic development. However, Codlea became famous due to its greenhouses. Built on land that had previously belonged to the Saxon florists, the greenhouses have been the symbol of the locality for decades. In the 80's, Codlea was known to everyone as the city of flowers.

Municipiul Codlea

Codlea City

Positioned in the northwestern part of the Tara Barsei depression, near the Pergani mountains, at the foot of Magura Codlei mountain, this city is a tourist objective as suitable as any other for the unique seeker, nature lover and hiking enthusiast. Among the tourist objectives, generously offered to the traveler, we will also mention a few: the Black Fortress; House of Culture; Orthodox Church "Ascension of the Lord" - Codlea; Codlea Museum; Sun Park; Codlea beach; Magura Codlei Peak; Pig Zone; Codlea Fortified Evangelical Church plus many other objectives with the same historical charge.

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Codlea municipality, located in the northwest of the county, 15 kilometers from Brasov municipality. Access from DN1 / E68. It borders Halchiu commune and Ghimbav commune to the east, Vulcan commune to the south, Holbav and Sinca Noua communes to the west, and Vladeni commune to the north.